Airport Adaptations

(Written June 23rd)

Baggage check at PDX was more complicated than it had ever been. Melina and I could have been slapped with a hefty baggage fee f it wasn’t for thoughtful assessment of the situation and selflessness. Melina bailed us out by buying us an extra backpack so we wouldn’t get charged close to a potential extra $200 for exceeding checked baggage weight. Been praying all of our checked luggage arrives saves and without blatant disregard for our belongings.

Our flight to LAX got delayed an hour which made our terminal transport a time squeeze in order to catch the bus. We took notice at every sign, and found the transport station with little trouble despite the vast amount of advertisements posted all over every where. Our bus driver was whipping around the airport lanes like some Mountain Dew chugging teenager driving a car on grand theft auto. He slammed on the gas pedal as we departed the terminal and made a middle-aged lady go from walking to stumbling on the floor in under a second. An elderly Latino then fell out of the transport bus while taking his iInitial step off to end the adrenaline raising venture. Melina, being closest nearby, rushed to help him up and was convinced he has a concussion.

We arrive at our original intended flight gate to only realize we didn’t buy plane tickets for a red-eye to Taiwan. At this point the ever anticipated stress of international travel set in, so we sought out the nearest flight information screen. Turns out our flight was only about 200 yards from our original gate. One would understand how near that is when considering Los Angeles’ massive airport. This airport experience goes down as top three most memorable.

Here I am on a nine hour red eye flight to Lima, Peru. I bid my readers adieu. God bless you.

– Michael 


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