Multimedia Utilization in the Classroom

Access to technology in the classroom can be a means to student expression.

Providing students with opportunities to work with technology allows them to employ their technological competencies. Even elementary students in the United States have a good chance of possessing advanced aptitudes for multimedia applications. Computerized digital technology is interwoven into American society.

Our upcoming generation’s multimedia proficiencies should be taken advantage of by educators for learning purposes.

Blogging is a prime example of a way students of all ages can elaborate upon their perspectives while practicing their writing and English skills. Teachers may assign a task where students are to express their personal opinions regarding a particular theory or social issue. This assignment would meet the ISTE Teacher standard 1A. is a user-friendly blogging application that is easy to learn and compatible with digital devices.

Podcasting could be the next step of self-expression if an educator desires to transition onward from blogging. Participating students can harness their speaking abilities by employing additional powers of persuasion through voice and sound audio recordings. Utilizing a podcast application in the classroom could lead to greater public speaking competencies in otherwise introverted individuals. Teachers would be meeting ISTE Teacher standard 2A. is a fantastic and free website to post blogs onto. Audacity (PC) and GarageBand (Mac) are platforms that make voice recording a simple process.

Visual recording, editing, and posting all possess opportunity for students to collaborate with one another to make educational or promotional videos. Students can be paired into groups and decide upon individual roles for themselves that pertain to the video creation. ISTE Teacher standard 3A would be met through the implementation of such a class assignment. MovieMaker (PC) and iMovie (Mac) utilization would require a basic tutorial in order to ensure adequate student competencies when using those platforms. Posting a group video to YouTube is one of the most efficient way to share students’ work with a vast network of internet users.

These are just three simple ways to heighten students’ subject interest and classroom engagement.  Internet applications continue to offer teaching conveniences for educators, and learning opportunities for students. Multimedia utilization in school is an efficient way to improve multiple student skill-sets in subsequence.



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