Three Web 2.0 Application Website Reviews


Yacapaca is a website created for both teacher and student use. The contributors (educators) to this site have compiled wide varieties of academic subject material and turned it into a series of interactive assignments. Teachers can then utilize these assignments as in-class activities or homework. Handheld device accessibility would be most ideal when using Yacapaca, as each individual student can insert their personal answer.

Yacapaca could assist Oregon teachers in meeting the Social Science Analysis 8.27 Common Core standard: Examine the various characteristics, causes, and effects of an event, issue, or problem.

An educator should know that they may have to alter their subject of emphasis’ lesson content before accessing this website for classroom use. Assignments and quizzes may be created and specified if the teacher desires personalization.

Yacapaca possesses strengths through its handheld digital device compatibility. Any student with a smartphone, tablet, or computer can access the class assignments. This website is free of charge which could add additional incentive to use it.

There are limitations which come with utilizing Yacapaca’s assignments. The teacher user must align their lesson with the website’s provided material. This could seem restrictive through minimized controllability. One way to address this limitation would be to create your own assignment or quiz.

From my investigation; Yacapaca’s intended use seems to be a good fit for middle and high school students. 6/10 rating.


Mind42 provides students with the opportunity to express their perceptions or reasoning by channeling it through an interactive concept map. This website also equips educators with an efficient form of presenting conceptual aspects within a subject. Users are enabled to build off of a central concept, its contributing aspects, and any other relevant intellect.

Mind42 may help Oregon History teachers meet Common Core’s Civil & Government standard 8.21: Analyze important political and ethical values such as freedom, democracy, equality, and justice embodied in documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Users of this website need to be aware of Mind42’s social aspects, as other users can comment or like one’s concept map. Individuals may change their concept map’s settings to private if they prefer, thus preventing any outside social interaction.

Mind42 is “free, fast (and) simple”. Building upon a central idea is a simplified process, while allowing for users to elaborate upon their concept’s complexities.

This website’s limitations are few if the viewer does not mind multi-directional scrolling throughout an expansive concept map. The text size shrinks as concept maps continue to expand. This can make it difficult for the viewer to both see and read the entire concept map.

Mind42’s intended use is for any student competent enough to elaborate upon a concept or subject. High school and college student usage would be ideal. 7/10 rating.


KidsClick delivers vast amounts of accessible facts, data, and theoretical information in an array of subjects. Students or educators can perform thorough research on a subject of interest by accessing multiple websites relative to their topic. Non-academic subjects are also available for teachers wanting their students to practice research on any compelling subject.
KidsClick would succeed in achieving the Oregon Common Core’s Social Science Analysis standard 8.28: Investigate a response or solution to an issue or problem and support or oppose, using research.

Teachers should know that thorough use of this site’s provisions would require a lengthy class time segment. Students must read and discern whether or not specific website information is worthy of reference in their research. This process requires time and adherence.

KidsClick provides comprehensive information access in a wide range of subjects. Students can perform extensive research through deep explorations of countless accessible websites. Pictures, sound, and videos are also available.

KidsClick comes with minor limitations. The website’s name includes the word “Kid”. This could prevent use by potential researchers who do not identify as a kid. Also, there is no direct access to academic journals, for they must be discovered through the provided websites.

KidsClick’s may be used by student-researchers of all ages. It would be best used by middle school children, as it presents a steady, enjoyable transition into academic research. 8/10 rating.




2 thoughts on “Three Web 2.0 Application Website Reviews

  1. Doug Blackman says:

    Hey Mike I really enjoy reading your posts. You offer precise information and are clear in your thoughts. Believe me, at my age I have learned a lot from your passion to become a great educator. Keep it up Kid! I have the same passion to teach and make a difference…

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